Dairy Farmers of America launches fuel their drive promotion with 13 of its reginal, farmer-owned milk brands


Promotion will award $1 million to high school athletic programs across the country

Milk with its high-quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals has always played an important role in helping to fuel strong bodies. This fall, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), along with 13 of its regional, farmer-owned milk brands, is also helping to fuel school athletic programs with the launch of its first-ever FUEL THEIR DRIVE promotion. The promotion will award $1 million to high school athletic programs across the country, simply by purchasing milk from one of the Cooperative’s participating brands.

How Fuel Their Drive Works
With the pandemic further tightening high school athletic budgets across the country, FUEL THEIR DRIVE will give shoppers who purchase milk from one of 13 select DFA regional brands a chance to help local high schools win a portion of $1 million that will be awarded to high school athletic programs in those communities that the brands’ serve.

Over 250 grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 will be awarded across 13 of DFA’s brand communities in 26 markets. Dollars can be used to update a sports field, revamp the school gym, purchase much-needed athletic equipment, or whatever the athletic department’s greatest need is. The best part? All shoppers have to do is buy milk from one of DFA’s participating regional brands, including: Alta Dena® Dairy, Cass-Clay® Creamery, Country Fresh® Dairy, Guida’s Dairy, Kemps®, Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms®, Mayfield Dairy Farms®, Meadow Gold® Dairy, Oak Farms® Dairy, PET® Dairy, Reiter™ Dairy, T.G. Lee® Dairy and Tuscan® Dairy Farms.

Community is at the core of our regional brands,” says Sharon Springborn, senior director of brand marketing at DFA Dairy Brands. “Our commitment to communities goes beyond producing wholesome dairy products for families to enjoy. For our farmer-owned, regional brands, we feel it is our responsibility to lend a helping hand where we can. We hope this promotion will help fuel success for our high schools and local athletes in those markets and communities that we serve.

FUEL THEIR DRIVE is grounded in the idea that milk can power high school athletes like no other beverage — with high-quality protein for strong muscles, fluids to rehydrate and the nutrients athletes need such as calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus.

Winning the Milk Money is Easy!

  • Buy milk from one of DFA’s 13 participating, farmer-owned milk brands
  • Snap a photo of your receipt
  • Vote for your local high school

High schools in each market with the most votes will win $10,000 and some winners will be chosen at random for $2,000, so shoppers are encouraged to purchase and upload often.

Community members and high schoolers have an additional chance to win $1,000 for their local school by:

  • Showing and sharing their school pride on social media by participating in a school spirit challenge. Post pics or videos on Instagram however you show school spirit, such as toasting an athletic team with a glass of milk, wearing a school uniform or jersey, painting school colors on your face or more. Tag your local participating brand and use hashtag #FuelTheirDriveSweepstakes to enter.