Our Communities

We're proud to be active members of our local communities — from coast to coast and everywhere in between. And even though you might not pass a farm on your daily commute, you'd be surprised to know just how many members of the dairy industry live and work in the same community you do.

Feeding communities and serving those in need

Our commitment to communities goes beyond producing wholesome dairy products for consumers to enjoy. At DFA, it is our responsibility to help those in need and lend a helping hand through donations and volunteer efforts. Here’s how we’re going beyond the dairy aisle and helping feed communities:


Gold Standard Dairy

Our comprehensive initiative to promote animal welfare, sustainability and farming best practices.
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DFA Cares

To support our local communities, DFA Cares provides disaster relief, education and scholarship opportunities, food donations and more.
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Code of Conduct

These are the standards and values that guide us every day through our lives and work.
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Supporting Healthy Communities

From serving on school boards and volunteering in local fire departments, to lending a hand to neighbors in need and educating local children about where their food comes from, our farmers and staff are always giving back. Many of our community-focused programs are deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and formalized in our DFA Cares Foundation. We created this structure and organization so that in the hustle and bustle of every day, our community responsibilities will never fall off our list.