We are a purpose-driven cooperative, working to enrich communities and consumers' lives through all the possibilities of dairy. And at Dairy Farmers of America, we understand that these possibilities go beyond the traditional dairy case. They mean providing opportunities for rural communities to thrive, sharing nourishment to those in need and preserving natural resources for future generations. From our family farmers and field staff to product developers and finance teams, every member of our organization plays an essential role so that together, we can share the simple pleasures of real dairy with families everywhere. 

How We're Structured

DFA is an organization of local, family farmers from across the country, which means that we're owned by the family farmers we passionately serve. Divided into seven geographic Areas, our grassroots structure ensures every member is represented through elected farmer-leaders at all levels of Cooperative governance. This grassroots structure is overseen by a 49-member Board of Directors.

How We Work

We have an incredible team of employees who bring our mission to life every day. Take a minute to discover what makes our culture so special and check out our open positions.

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Board of Directors

Central Area

Byron Lehman Kansas
Byron Lehman
Craig Edler Wisconsin
Craig Edler
Doug Nuttelman Board Vice Chairman Nebraska
Doug Nuttelman
Ken Birker Iowa
Ken Birker
Larry Shover Iowa
Larry Shover
Lilah Krebs North Dakota
Lilah Krebs
Steve Strickler Kansas
Steve Strickler
Tom Oelrichs Missouri
Tom Oelrichs

Mideast Area

Bill Besancon Ohio
Bill Besancon
Dwight Nash Michigan
Dwight Nash
Greg Gibson West Virginia
Greg Gibson
Jeff Raney Board Vice Chairman Pennsylvania
Jeff Raney
Larry Griffith Ohio
Larry Griffith
Terry Rowlett Kentucky
Terry Rowlett

Mountain Area

Chris Kraft Colorado
Chris Kraft
Allen Gerratt Idaho
Allen Gerratt
Brian Hardy First Vice Chairman of the Board Utah
Brian Hardy
Rick Podtburg Colorado
Rick Podtburg
Ron Shelton Colorado
Ron Shelton

Northeast Area

Bruce Bartley Pennsylvania
Bruce Bartley
David White New York
David White
Dean Handy Pennsylvania
Dean Handy
Jacques Parent Vermont
Jacques Parent
Jerrel Heatwole Board Vice Chairman/Treasurer Delaware
Jerrel Heatwole
Larry Bailey New York
Larry Bailey
Patricia Bikowsky New York
Patricia Bikowsky
Sandy Stauffer New York
Sandy Stauffer
Scott Lackey Pennsylvania
Scott Lackey
Todd Hathorn Vice Chairman New York
Todd Hathorn
Travis Fogler Maine
Travis Fogler
Valerie Patten New York
Valerie Patten

Southeast Area

Brian Rexing Indiana
Brian Rexing
Glen Easter South Carolina
Glen Easter
Jerry Spencer Texas
Jerry Spencer
Kent Herman Vice Chairman North Carolina
Kent Herman
Larkin Moyer Virginia
Larkin Moyer
Randy Mooney Chairman of the Board Missouri
Randy Mooney

Southwest Area

Buster Goff New Mexico
Buster Goff
Dan Senestraro Board Vice Chairman Kansas
Dan Senestraro
John Woelber New Mexico
John Woelber
Keith Broumley Texas
Keith Broumley
Larry Hancock Texas
Larry Hancock
Neil Hoff Texas
Neil Hoff

Western Area

Case Van Steyn Board Vice Chairman California
Case Van Steyn
Leroy Ornellas California
Leroy Ornellas
Melvin Medeiros California
Melvin Medeiros
Perry Tjaarda California
Perry Tjaarda
Pete Olsen Nevada
Pete Olsen
Group shot of DFA board members


Rick Smith President and Chief Executive Officer Kansas
Rick Smith
Alex B. Bachelor Executive Vice President, Administration and Chief Legal Officer Kansas
Alex B. Bachelor
Martin Bates Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Ingredient SolutionsĀ  Kansas
Martin Bates
Alan Bernon Senior Advisor, Merger and Acquisitions Texas
Alan Bernon
Andrew Brummel Senior Vice President, Legal Kansas
Andrew Brummel
Kristen Coady Vice President, Communications and Leadership Development Kansas
Kristen Coady
David Darr Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer Kansas
David Darr
Doug Glade Executive Vice President, President, Commercial Kansas
Doug Glade
Keith Gomes Chief Operating Officer, Mideast Area Ohio
Keith Gomes
Brad Keating Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Northeast Area New York
Brad Keating
Jackie Klippenstein Senior Vice President, Government, Industry and Community Relations Kansas
Jackie Klippenstein
Monica Massey Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff Kansas
Monica Massey
Randy McGinnis Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Central, Southeast, & Southwest Areas Kansas
Randy McGinnis
Pat Panko Executive Vice President, President, DFA Dairy Brands Kansas
Pat Panko
Dennis Rodenbaugh Executive Vice President, President, Council Operations Colorado
Dennis Rodenbaugh
Edward Tilley Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Beverage and Dairy Foods Kansas
Edward Tilley
Jay Waldvogel Senior Vice President, Strategy Wisconsin
Jay Waldvogel
Greg Wickham Chief Financial Officer Kansas
Greg Wickham
John Wilson Senior Vice President and Chief Fluid Marketing Officer Kansas
John Wilson