What makes Dairy Farmers of America so special? Our more than 12,500 dedicated family farmers who work tirelessly across the country. For many of them, dairy farming is nothing new. It's a passion that's been passed down for generations — and one that our Cooperative is committed to passing down for many more.

Running an operation that's been in the family for five generations carries an incredible sense of pride, purpose and responsibility. And a new farm that's in its infancy? Well that's an exciting, nerve-racking undertaking all its own. Factor in that each of our dairies are family-owned, family-run businesses, and you'll begin to understand the true weight of running a dairy farm. Because we all have an extra commitment to preserving the farm, the land and our communities.

This isn't just a business for us. It's our heritage, our namesake and our way of life.

Farm Life

How does milk get from our farms to your fridge? And what's a day on the farm really like?

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