We're obsessed with dairy, which is why we're always dreaming up new ways to use our favorite ingredients at home in our kitchens. The vast collection of recipes from our very own Half & Half magazine, along with mouthwatering recipes from our family of brands, is all you need to celebrate the delicious versatility of dairy in your own home.

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This homemade lemon curd only takes about 10 minutes to whip together and requires minimal ingredients. When paired with yogurt whipped cream, you get a creamy combination of sweet and sour in each bite. Stack the parfait with fresh raspberries or other seasonal fruit, and top with crunchy granola or vanilla wafer cookies for the ultimate no-bake dessert.


Less is definitely more when it comes to delicious dinner recipes with eight ingredients or less. With a short ingredient list, this pizza is sure to be your new favorite weeknight bake.


Have your cookies and drink them too with this 2-ingredient flavored milk. Get a double dose of goodness by dunking more sandwich cookies into a nice, cold glass of cookies and cream milk.

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Delicious dairy perfect for anything from restaurant-style queso fundido to warm baked mac and cheese.

Cache Valley Creamery

Cache Valley Creamery's pristine dairy products are the ideal foundation for culinary adventures such as apple pie grilled cheese sandwiches.


A Midwest tradition, churning out a variety of quality dairy for decadent treats such as chocolate milk mochas.

La Vaquita

Crafted for those who cook with flair, these artisanal hispanic cheeses kick up the flavor in dishes such as grilled Mexican street corn.

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