Why our mark matters

Dairy is what we do. It represents our greater purpose. It's our passion, our heritage and our future. It’s a symbol of all the hard work that goes into making every day more joyful. This mark represents the wholesomeness of milk, the delight in every bowl of ice cream and anything and everything that has to do with cheese. Our mark is special because it represents the diverse community of family farmers who bring fresh dairy and happiness to families like yours.

We support our farmers

For us, it all starts at the farm, which is why we support and invest so much into preserving our farmers' legacies and ensuring their futures. This is why we offer unique member services, business-enhancing programs and innovative product strategies — to give our farmers an active role in their futures and the future of dairy.

We champion sustainability

As thoughtful stewards of the land, our mark signifies our continuous commitment to sustainability. These efforts impact our people, helping our family farmers thrive for years to come. They impact our planet, because our famers nourish and care for their animals and the environment. And as citizens who act locally and think globally, we're proud that our efforts enrich our communities.

We enrich our communities

Even beyond the dairy case, we provide opportunities for rural communities to thrive, bring nourishment to those in need and preserve our natural resources through ongoing sustainability innovations. And of course, we're forever linked to many of life's best memories, like baking cookies in grandma's kitchen or eating that first melty ice cream cone of the summer.