Join DFA

We know you have a choice when you're looking to market your milk. That's what drives us to never stop earning the opportunity to represent you. We take great pride in being your strongest supporters, and providing you with the resources, marketing and the legislative voice you need, so you can concentrate on your farm.

Membership Benefits

Surround yourself with others who share your passion. Own what you do. Invest in your future and the future of dairy. Access services for your farm and peace of mind for your family. Find plants where you need them. Get people when you call. Access the latest technology and innovative solutions. Make sure there’s always a place for your milk. And know you’re getting back even more than you put in.

DFA brings you:

  • Earnings from the Cooperative. At the discretion of the board, profits are shared through annual patronage dividends based on your patronage (volume) in DFA.
  • An equal voice. Through our grassroots governance structure, each and every member is empowered to influence discussions regarding the business operations and decisions of the Cooperative.
  • A guaranteed market for your milk. The last thing on a dairy producer's mind should be where their milk is going to go. As a supplier to leading food and beverage companies, DFA ensures that there is always a home for our members' milk and that it will always be delivered fresh.
  • A competitive price for your milk. As a leading national cooperative, DFA is able to work with other cooperatives throughout the country to commingle milk, creating efficiencies in hauling and reducing transportation costs. This also ensures that our members are receiving a competitive price for their quality product.
  • Programs and services. DFA offers programs and services ranging from health and workers compensation insurance to price risk management tools, all designed to increase profitability and efficiency on members’ farms.
  • Returns on investments made on your behalf. Through DFA, our members are invested in plants and brands throughout the country that not only produce returns that go back to our members, but also create additional markets for our members’ milk.