Convenience Wins

Snacking is redefining the way consumers use foodservice. Nearly half of consumers are snacking three times each day, and the foodservice snack market represents a $56B opportunity. Snacks accounted for 19 percent of all foodservice occasions in 2016, as the snack market grows at ~7 percent.

TREND: Healthy-ish

Consumers are paying more attention to what they eat and opt for products that make them feel good. Premium offerings benefit from this trend, as consumers shift from conventional products to healthier variants. Additionally, new fast-food establishments serving fast-slow food and healthier vending machines remove the compromise between health and convenience.

Our Product Portfolio Delivers

We're developing new products that balance indulgence and health, like our all-new Keto Butter. Added to a cup of coffee, it provides natural energy, functional fuel and mindful indulgence.

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