Millennial Snacking Culture

Millennials are shaking up the food industry by replacing meals with smaller, healthier snacks. Constantly on-the-go, millennials are looking for food that meets their lifestyle: healthy, small portions, and convenient. An estimated 70 percent of millennials consider any food as snackable, and therefore, foods outside of the traditional snack category need to be considered. But millennials won’t compromise taste for convenience, in fact, taste is the major factor for 89 percent of millennials when choosing their next snacking selection.
So how are millennials impacting the food industry? By forcing food manufacturers to dial up flavor and creating snack foods that pack protein and nutrients to meet the busy millennial lifestyle. Many millennials believe that fewer ingredients mean that it’s a better food option, so clean label ingredients are key when innovating new products. Less sugar, lower sodium, and high protein are all high on their priority list. Pair that with the perfect portion size, and you have officially won over a millennial.
Creating foods that fuel brain focus, fight stress, and offer a sweeter profile is key. Because snacks are often viewed as meal replacements, there shouldn’t be any compromise on taste and flavor. An innovative ingredient partner can help create products that meet these demands. By creating a convenient long shelf life snacks with a minimal ingredient list and rich flavors, consumers will be able to experience food itself.

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