Beyond Mozzarella

Craft foods are a trend that most Americans are familiar with, and cheese flavor profiles aren’t immune to this trend. Take mozzarella for example. This soft-textured, full-bodied cheese is a staple in any cheese lovers palette, so much, in fact, that the average American eats about eleven pounds of mozzarella cheese a year! And yet consumers are looking for more than just mozzarella, even when it comes to craft-style pizzas.
Consumers are looking for authentic and sophisticated Italian flavors that stretch beyond the flavor of mozzarella. And thinking outside of the pizza box allows for diverse flavors to be added into pizzas in ways you might not have imagined. Rich cheese flavors in the crust and sauce are just as important as the shredded cheese that is sprinkled on top of each pizza. In fact, a recent survey finding revealed that the flavor of the sauce and crust are gaining prominence as the most important part of the pizza.
So how are you considering the ways at which you can infuse distinct and sophisticated flavors throughout the pizza. Ingredient specialists are working with products such as concentrated cheese pastes to work in formulations that offer a pizza sauce with an authentic aged Italian parmesan cheese flavor. And when you think about craft-style pizzas, you can hop away from traditional red sauce, cheese, and toppings. Imagine a crafty buffalo chicken pizza with a surprising blue cheese profile that compliments the spiciness of the buffalo chicken. Flavorful possibilities can be evoked in every slice.
Not only do concentrated cheese pastes help create a diverse Italian cheese profile, but it can also impact your bottom line. Concentrated cheese pastes can help you achieve exciting flavors without incurring the cost of block cheese, which means you can get innovative with your flavor profiles while maintaining a reasonable cost.
If consumers want to look beyond mozzarella as an option for pizza ingredients, then food manufacturers should work with the right ingredient partner to develop a savory pizza full of authentic flavors.

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