We're firm believers that the world's best baked goods are made with the best dairy. From rich sweetened condensed milk to creamy butters and versatile powders, we proud to help our customers deliver exceptional bakery items.

The global bakery market grew 26.0% from 2010 to 2015 and is projected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 1.8% from 2015 to 2020. Dairy ingredients are big part of this growing market as they enhance producer capabilities: improving browning, flavor, texture, enhancing nutrition and more.

In addition to sweetened condensed milk, butters and dairy powders, we also offer our customers a robust set of dairy flavor-enhancing solutions, well suited to the baking industry. We can also help improve nutrition or create cleaner labels by reducing sodium, replacing artificial flavors, or reformulating your existing creations to achieve clean label certifications, including organic, Kosher, Halal and non-GMO.

Lastly, we're able to deliver custom butter solutions to suit your exact application needs. These pre-processed ingredients offer more stability in production, better consistency for easy mixing and shelf stability at ambient temperature. And best of all, they're a proven flavor match to butter in sensory testing.

Our dairy experts can help you find the right solution.
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