Board of Directors

Brad Bateman
Mountain Area

Brad, in partnership with his brothers, nephews and son, milks 12,500 cows on four dairies. The family also farms 4,200 acres, growing corn silage and small grain silage on a double-crop rotation. The farm, Bateman’s Mosida Farms, started in 1972 with 120 cows. Brad, who is a fourth-generation farmer, began dairying in 1982. He has served on the Utah governor’s Agriculture Advisory Board, the Western States Dairy Producers Association since 1996 and on the Utah Dairy Association since 1994, where he also served as a past president. The dairy received the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award in 2016. In 2024, Bateman’s Mosida Farm was named Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year by Dairy Herd Management magazine and International Dairy Foods Association.

Brad BatemanBrad Bateman