We all know that dairy tastes delicious, but the good news is that adding more dairy to your diet has scientifically based nutritional benefits for your family. Here are a few tips that can help you incorporate more dairy into your family's routine.

Tip 01

Make your coffee creamier

Make your caffeine creamier and get an energetic jolt of Vitamin B-12 with a milk-based drink like a latte.

Tip 02

Sweet swap

Get a boost of calcium by swapping your lunchtime soda for chocolate milk.

Tip 03

Cheese Please

A nice slice of cheese adds a flavor burst to almost any sandwich, and shredded cheese plusses up dinner veggies or salads.

Tip 04

Better omelettes

Add a splash of milk to your eggs for fluffier omelettes and some bone-building Vitamin D.

Tip 05

Healthy spud

Natural yogurt is a low fat way to add creamy flavor to baked potatoes.

Tip 06

Play it smooth

Blending up fruit, yogurt and milk makes an excellent smoothie with immune-boosting Vitamin A.

Tip 07

Decorate your cottage

Liven up your cottage cheese and pair it with fresh fruit or raw veggies.

Tip 08

Dress it up

Yogurt adds tangy creaminess to homemade dressings with fewer calories than mayo.