When it comes to working smarter, not harder, technology helps our family farm-owners do more with less. One ag-tech company leading the way is CattleEye, a livestock monitoring platform that uses artificial intelligence and video analytics to monitor each cow’s welfare and performance. 

The Northern Ireland-based startup company is a participant in DFA’s 2021 CoLAB Accelerator, our 90-day program to help accelerate and grow startup businesses in the dairy sector.  

What sets CattleEye apart from other herd monitoring technology is its innovative use of hands-free technology to collect multiple data points in a single scan. 

“We provide a completely new way of monitoring and gaining insights on dairy cows simply by walking them under a security camera connected to the Internet,” says Terry Canning, chief executive officer and co-founder of CattleEye, and the son of a dairy farmer. “Our completely hands-free solution will monitor a cow’s welfare and performance without the need for collars or pedometers that need regular maintenance and commissioning.” 

Dairy farmers simply need to purchase a low-cost security camera and mount it on the exit race where cows exit the milking parlor. After connecting it to the Internet, CattleEye’s cloud-based platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn how to identify each individual cow and monitor her welfare. These insights are then sent to a smartphone or can be integrated with many popular farm management systems. 

Besides making herd management more efficient for dairy farmers, CattleEye also promotes sustainability. 

“Research has shown that increasing cow efficiencies can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% per liter of milk produced,” Terry says. (For context, one gallon of milk equals about 3.8 liters.)  

“Our insights give farmers the opportunity to take action to make those efficiency gains,” he says. “Like our farmers, we are committed to improving welfare levels of the cows we monitor, and like them we know that a happy cow is a more productive cow.” 

Founded in January 2019, Terry has big visions for the future, such as a goal of 1 billion livestock monitored using CattleEye. 

For more on CattleEye and the other companies participating in DFA’s 2021 CoLAB Accelerator, visit colab.dfamilk.com