Craigs Creamery Sharp Cheddar Cheese Earns A Gold Award at the New York State Fair


Craigs Creamery, a cheese brand founded by eight family-run dairy farms in New York and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), was recently honored with a Gold Award at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, N.Y., for its Sharp Cheddar cheese. The Craigs Creamery Sharp Cheddar cheese was recognized in the 2019 Dairy Products Competition for Class 2, “Aged Cheddar” cheese.

“Craigs Creamery is all about responsibly sourcing high-quality milk from local farms to produce our wholesomely delicious cheese, and this award is a testament to that commitment,” says Mihira Rami, Marketing Director, Consumer Brands at Dairy Farmers of America.

DFA and its eight local farm families launched the Craigs Creamery brand earlier this year in response to growing consumer interest in wanting to know who produces their food. Every Craigs Creamery slice, shred, bar and chunk is crafted with farm-fresh, high-quality milk with all-natural ingredients and no added hormones.

Made with only locally sourced milk from its family farm owners, Craigs Creamery believes the purity and freshness of its milk is critical to producing a higher-quality cheese.

”As a small collective of family farms, we keep a close eye on the purity and freshness of our milk – each cow has a customized, nutritionist-led diet to ensure they produce only the highest-quality milk, which results in our great-tasting cheese,” says Chris Noble, a seventh-generation farmer at Craigs Creamery farm, Noblehurst Farms.

Noble adds, “The New York State Fair Dairy Products Competition is well known for showcasing the cream-of-the-crop dairy products in the state, so it’s an honor to receive this recognition for our Sharp Cheddar cheese.”

The annual Dairy Products Competition at The New York State Fair garners participants from across the state, with dairy processors and manufacturers receiving Gold, Silver or an Award of Excellence. Winners were evaluated by an expert panel of judges in more than 25 dairy product categories, including fluid milk, sour cream, yogurt and various cheese varieties. For the full Dairy Products Competition results visit: