Cattle scans work to streamline on-farm cow careCattle scans work to streamline on-farm cow care

Cattle scans work to streamline on-farm cow care


Cattle Scan, one of the six exciting startup companies that participated in DFA’s 2022 CoLAB Accelerator program, a 90-day immersive program to grow ag-tech startups, helps dairy farmers track numerous health and reproductive parameters of dairy cows to optimize herd management and increase milk production.   

Cattle Scan’s system works through a battery-operated device placed inside a cow’s stomach that provides real-time updates to a dairy farmer’s smart phone.   

By monitoring a cow’s well-being through Cattle Scan’s technology, a dairy farmer could identify ailments in the herd early on, allowing early intervention and preventative treatment. As a result, milk production can be saved, the cost of treatment is lowered and cow recovery time is faster. These benefits lead to an opportunity for a farmer to have a smaller herd and an increased amount of milk per cow, which drives sustainability and lowers labor costs.  

Denis Tokarev, co-founder and chief executive officer of Cattle Scan, says he and his team gained valuable dairy industry connections and insights through DFA’s CoLAB Accelerator program.  

“The biggest takeaway I’ve gotten from the CoLAB Accelerator has been the networking and connectivity with industry players,” Denis says. “I believe DFA’s CoLAB Accelerator has a unique proposition because of its connection to DFA as a whole Cooperative. As a result of this program, we’re walking away with a deeper understanding of the dairy industry, support from DFA’s management and access to the Cooperative’s professional network.”  

In the next few years, Denis says he hopes to see Cattle Scan solidify its product as a household name for farmers looking to implement new technology on their dairies. Through word-of-mouth and continually making industry connections, Denis says Cattle Scan will introduce its product to the market and provide customized support and effective innovations to its clients.  

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