CattleEye makes its mark in ag-techCattleEye makes its mark in ag-tech

CattleEye makes its mark in ag-tech


Terry Canning and Andrew Askew founded CattleEye in 2019 to provide dairy farmers with livestock monitoring solutions that can help them become more efficient and improve the lives of their herds. The system monitors livestock using video analytics powered by artificial intelligence — and farmers can more effectively monitor their herd’s well-being as a result.   

CattleEye participated in DFA’s 2021 CoLAB Accelerator, our program to grow ag-tech and dairy food startups. Since participating in the program, CattleEye has received multiple recognitions for its innovative technology.   

“The CoLAB Accelerator program introduced us to U.S. dairies and their mindsets,” Terry Canning, co-founder and chief executive officer of CattleEye says. “It was really useful to understand the industry, and we got exposure to both DFA executives and the other companies doing the program. The business help and training courses were really useful to us as well.”   

In September 2021, CattleEye announced that it closed a $2.5 million seed investment from a syndicate led by Techstart Ventures, including Seventure Partners, ABS Global and Turntide Technologies, a Silicon Valley venture backed by Amazon. Using this investment, CattleEye will bring its product to the market.  

CattleEye won the KPMG Global Tech Innovator award for Ireland, the British Farming Awards named CattleEye the Agritech Innovator of the Year in October 2021 and the company was named one of the 20 up-and-coming artificial intelligence startups in the United Kingdom by PwC.   

Companies like CattleEye continue to harness innovation to make the dairy industry more sustainable and efficient, so future generations can keep enjoying the goodness of dairy — and feel good about it.  

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