After four years of research and development, careful planning and a lot of hard work, GoodSport™, a startup sports drink company that participated in DFA’s 2020 CoLAB Accelerator, officially launched this year.

Creating a product from scratch is no easy feat, especially when trying to launch in the midst of a pandemic.

There were the usual hurdles that many entrepreneurs face, but the COVID-19 pandemic most certainly presented some big ones. The biggest being all of the uncertainty it created with our current and potential business partners, but thanks to their strength and the excitement around GoodSport, we were able to continue moving forward,” says Michelle McBride, founder and chief executive officer of GoodSport.

Made from the naturally hydrating power of milk, GoodSport isn’t the average sports drink on the market.

What’s unique about GoodSport is that we unlock the naturally hydrating power of milk by ultrafiltering milk to harness its electrolytes and carbohydrates to provide rapid and long-lasting hydration in a clear, thirst-quenching and delicious beverage,” Michelle says. “Consumers no longer have to choose between a sports drink with natural ingredients or effective hydration. Now they can have both — from the goodness of milk.

Not just tasty and hydrating, the company is also committed to creating products from sustainably sourced ingredients, guided by the belief that greatness starts with goodness — including for the planet.

GoodSport drinks are now available on and Amazon.