Fourth-generation DFA family farm-owner Darrin Wolschleger estimates that the birth of triplet calves is a one in 100,000 occurrence. He says he only knows one other farmer who has had a triplet birth on their farm — so you can imagine the excitement at Wolschleger Farms in Harbor Beach, Mich., when its second set of triplets in under 50 years made their surprise debut this spring.

“Our first set of triplets were born in June of 1979, way back when I was nine years old,” Darrin says. “Now, I’m 51 years old — it took us that many years to have another set.”

Darrin noticed a calving heifer on April 5 as he was closing the barn for the night. He sent his daughter, McKenna, to check on the heifer again before going to bed, not expecting any big updates. McKenna immediately delivered the first calf and knew by its small size that there could be more coming — a second and then a third calf were delivered within the next five minutes.

“I was shocked when McKenna called me,” Darrin says. “I sent her down to the farm and she called me all excited to say, ‘We just had a set of triplet calves, Dad!’”

Darrin says that given the smaller size of his family’s herd, it’s an exciting event for his family to have witnessed two rare triplet births — all of which are healthy and doing very well.