Nourishing America is no easy task, which is why at Dairy Farmers of America, we believe in giving our farmers all the resources and support we can. It's what drives us to develop innovative ways to make our family farmers' lives a little easier. DFA’s member programs are designed to help our members farm more efficiently and profitably. From on-farm field services to leadership and development programs, member programs are offered as benefits of DFA membership.

Field Staff

DFA has a talented staff of field representatives who work directly with members to address milk quality, herd management practices and animal well-being. Representatives regularly visit every farm and are always available to answer questions. To find the field representatives in your Area, contact your Area office.

Gold Standard Dairy Program

DFA's Gold Standard Dairy Program, one of the first in the industry, is an on-farm evaluation program that assesses our more than 7,000 family-owned dairy farms on the areas of animal care, environmental stewardship, employee safety and training, and milk safety and quality. The program assesses, analyzes and provides feedback regarding on-farm practices, encourages continuous improvement and recognizes achievements. Since its inception in 2007, the program has gone through four iterations, incorporating updated standards, areas of consumer concern and the latest technology.


myDFA is a personalized website offering lab results, payment statements, member information and industry news. It's a one-stop information source for Cooperative and industry news, as well as a valuable tool in day-to-day business.

Supporting Our Young Farmers

DFA’s Young Cooperator (YC) program is focused on personal and professional growth, learning the latest innovations in the industry and networking with peers. Through meetings and exposure to other industry organizations, YCs can become leaders and ambassadors for DFA and the industry. The YC program is open to DFA members ages 18 to 45 who play an active role on their operations. Talk to your Area office to learn more.

Developing Our Next Generation of Leaders

We believe in the future of dairy. Our Emerging Leaders program is a two-year curriculum designed to develop future leaders of our Cooperative and the industry as a whole. Approximately 20 members are selected to participate in the program, which focuses on personal and professional skill development and introduces participates to the business of the Cooperative. The program includes eight educational sessions, each lasting several days and taking place in various locations across the country.