While every dairy farm is as unique and special as the hard-working farmers who run them, we find that one trait holds true no matter what: they're always quick to lend each other a helping hand.

That eagerness to help out is true of all of us at Dairy Farmers of America — and it's one of the reasons we offer so many services that help make it a little easier for our farmers to run their operations.

DFA Risk Management

As your partner in managing price risks on the farm, DFA Risk Management offers customizable tools to help ensure a profitable margin for our farmers' operations. Whether it’s locking in a price for their milk or making milk-feed margins more predictable, DFA Risk Management representatives can pinpoint needs and find solutions.

DFA Grazing

Pasture-based dairying can be a viable option to reduce input costs, trim labor requirements and increase profits. DFA Grazing has the tools, expertise and resources to improve our farmers' profitability. By working towards peak pasture and animal performance, we can help our farmers create a more sustainable future for their operations.

DFA Insurance

Every business has its own unique set of risks and challenges. Dealing with insurance shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why DFA Insurance, in alliance with Agri-Services Agency, a licensed insurance agency, offers competitive rates for family medical, workers’ compensation, property and casualty coverage. Because more protection means more peace of mind.

DFA Farm Supplies

Perseverance, grit and integrity are the qualities every dairy farmer needs to run a successful business and thankfully, they're free of charge. For all of the items that tend to have heftier price tags, there is DFA Farm Supplies. Our team works with various manufacturers and suppliers to allow our farmers to purchase farm supplies and services at competitive prices.

DFA Energy

With rising costs, energy is one thing our farmers can’t afford to waste. That’s where DFA Energy can help. Every operation has the potential for on-farm energy generation, conservation and simple solutions to do more with less. Our energy experts work with farmers to identify these important opportunities.

DFA Financing

Convenient, flexible financing options that are built around the needs of dairy farmers. That's what our farmers can expect from DFA Financing. Whether they're expanding their herd, undertaking a new venture, building a feed inventory, renovating facilities or buying equipment, we're ready to help.

Empire Livestock

Committed to maximizing our farmers' income on livestock, equipment and facility sales, we offer them the opportunity to auction their goods. We operate eight regional markets throughout New York State, a direct marketing facility in New York State and receiving station in Vermont. Empire is proud to command a market share of more than 50 percent of all livestock sales in its operating territory.

Dairy One

Dairy One, managed by DFA, exists to help farms succeed. We do this by measuring components on the farm, from cow and crop production, to feed, soil and water analysis. Measuring the right things provides the critical information necessary to make informed decisions. We measure it so our farmers can manage it.

Member Savings Network

No two family farms are alike, but we all know there are certain things no farm can do without. We're proud to offer DFA farmers access to convenient savings on many of the products and services they need, from heavy machinery to cell phone service.