Buttermilk Powder

Add that signature, perfectly tangy flavor of buttermilk to your next creation with our versatile, shelf-stable dry buttermilk powder. Milk proteins bind water, making this powder a great thickening-agent for puddings and sauces. And if you're looking to create a gorgeous golden or caramelized hue, the product's sugars develop a nice brown color when heated.

We recommend trying our buttermilk powder to create irresistible baked goods, coatings for snack foods, thickening spreads or enhancing the color and flavor of breads. Perfect for baking and pancake mix, it's also an exceptional boost to salad dressings, dips and processed cheese. 

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Bakery , Cheese , Cultured , Ice Cream , Sauces & Dressings , Snacks

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