When you're busy, ease-of-use is a priority right up there with affordability. That's why we offer our cheeses in such a wide range of formats, so no matter what your need is, we've got you covered.


Our diced varieties provide convenience and reduced labor costs (due to decreased prep time) for busy foodservice operators. Ready to use at all times, they allow for improved portion control and have a longer window for optimum shelf life than a loaf. We offer several diced formats, including classic diced, long diced and micro-diced. Tear notch packaging available for easy opening.

Dry Grated

Dried to your desired amount, our dry grated cheeses have longer shelf lives than fresh grated counterparts. Preferred in applications with visible particulates, they're often used to top a salad or bowl of pasta.

Fresh Grated

A cost effective option, our fresh grating process removes no moisture from the cheese. Fresh grated cheeses are ideal for applications going through a cooking process, such as sauces, soups and salad dressings.


Loaf cheese are ideal for foodservice operators, while block formats are great for industrial manufacturers. Either way, you'll get better product performance (when compared to shreds) and exceptional flexibility for many applications. Additionally, loaf and block formats are more cost effective and have longer shelf lives.


Shaved cheeses make the perfect garnish to crowd-favorite dishes, from crisp salads to decadent pastas. With a larger surface area than shreds, they are visually appealing and allow for more depth of flavor. Tear notch packaging available for easy opening.


Ideal for foodservice operators, our shredded varieties provide convenience and reduced labor costs (due to decreased prep time). Ready to use at a moment's notice, they have a longer window of optimum shelf life (when compared to a loaf). Our pre-blended shreds also provide additional flavor variety and consistency from batch to batch. Formats include feather shred and fancy shred, and we offer tear notch packaging for easy opening.

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