Healty Living

Consumers are opting for more conscious nutritional alternatives, indulging in products with added functional benefits, and showing willingness to adopt and pay for products and services that support those well-being initiatives, both inside and outside their homes.

TREND: Clean Label

For many, healthy doesn't only include nutrition, but also how the product was made and what ingredients were used.

62 percent of U.S. respondents agree the fewer ingredients a product has, the healthier it is.

36 percent of Canadian female respondents agree a food is unhealthy if it has artificial ingredients.

38 percent of UK respondents agree they trust that a product with a shorter ingredient list is better for them than one with a longer list.
Our Clean Product Initiatives
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • rBST Free
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
  • Reduced Sodium
  • Natural Colors and Flavors

TREND: Holistic Nutrition

With simple and natural foods as a cornerstone to wellness, consumers are looking to all aspects of food, from source to ingredients to processing, to contribute benefits. Naturally occurring benefits are more appealing than products with added nutrients or ingredients to enhance functionality.
Our Lifetime Nutrition Solutions
  • Caseinates, Proteinates
  • Casein, NFDM and Whey-based Hydrolysates
  • Infant Formula Powders, complete and bases
  • Dairy and Soy
  • Pediatric, GUMP, Geriatric Powders, Medical Nutrition
  • Active Nutrition Powders
  • Vitamin Powders
  • Non-Dairy Creamer, Shortening Powders
  • Whole milk
  • Skim Milk, Nonfat Dry Milk

TREND: Healthy-ish

Consumers are paying more attention to what they eat and opt for products that make them feel good. Premium offerings benefit from this trend, as consumers shift from conventional products to healthier variants. Additionally, new fast-food establishments serving fast-slow food and healthier vending machines remove the compromise between health and convenience.
Our Product Portfolio Delivers
We're developing new products that balance indulgence and health, like our all-new Keto Butter. Added to a cup of coffee, it provides natural energy, functional fuel and mindful indulgence.
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