A Twist on Classic Condiments

Classics never go out of style. And when it comes to tried and true creamy condiments, such as salad dressings, dips, and cheese sauces, this is especially true. In fact, consumers are driving the condiment and sauce market to roughly $30 billion in sales — and this craving for condiments isn’t slowing down. By 2026, the global sauces, dressings, and condiments market is estimated to reach $45 billion, a compound annual growth rate of roughly 5.2 percent between 2019 and 2026.
But even the classics need an occasional upgrade, and millenials are pushing for the market to change, steering sales in new directions. Focus has shifted to new and innovative flavors as their tastes become more adventurous, and their focus on food health concerns has led to a shift of uncompromised expectations when it comes to clean label standards.
Due to this trend, the industry is changing. By working with ingredient developers, condiment makers are keeping the robust taste of their products while also achieving clean-label authority. Ingredient developers can customize a condiment formulation to meet organic, non-GMO, or “free-from” specifications without the use of artificial ingredients, and most importantly, without compromise. Consumers can enjoy the rich taste and tantalizing visual appeal as they enhance their nachos or salad, knowing that they used recognizable ingredients.
However, ingredient developers are not limited to overcoming clean-label hurdles. They also have the opportunity to enhance flavor profiles using sophisticated and innovative formulations that meet the demanding taste test from the Millennial consumer. Expert formulators can transform a buttermilk ranch to have an exotic wasabi twist or give it a burst of chipotle heat. Imagine a ranch dressing with surprising notes of garlic, pest, horseradish, or ginger. These flavor enhancements expand the potential beyond garden variety salad recipes and offer new culinary applications for foodies.
It’s not just dressings that are getting a makeover; classic cheese sauces are as well. With Millennials traveling more globally, they’ve increased their taste for international flavors. This craving for exotic flavors can be met with firey sriracha and ghost pepper notes or the Mediterranean inspiration of a sun-dried tomato profile. Think all-American cheese fries naturally dialed up with a burst of bleu cheese, garlic, or zesty oregano notes.

When it’s time to give your class condiment a modern and fresh kick, partner with an ingredient developer who can offer both the expertise and experience necessary for modifying or reinventing a condiment product. Look for an ingredient partner who has already met flavor cravings for current trends with their imaginative formulations, and look for an ingredient partner who has a track record of creating clean label products as well.

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