Better Way to Cheese


Using traditional aging methods, it can take up to two years for ingredient makers to obtain a natural cheese flavor. An alternative that is used by the leading ingredient makers is called enzyme-modified cheese (EMC). That may sound like a mouthful, but enzyme-modified cheese produces amazingly robust cheese flavors in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional aging. While there are other options, EMC is a primary method for food ingredient creators. The process uses enzymes that are added either when the cheese is made or after aging. This is followed by an incubation period where flavors are fine-tuned to perfection.

This means that food manufacturers now have access to high quality, aged cheese flavors without the wait, allowing the producer to save time and money during production. Enzyme-modified cheese also allows for unprecedented flexibility. By utilizing the tools available through EMC, a food artist can create distinct flavor features through formulation and design complex and creative cheese flavors to set their cheese apart from the generic.

For many, the idea of enzyme modification sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie, which is unbecoming during the time of clean label marketing. As a result, some manufacturers look for options that sound more natural. Often times, this means that food producers will turn to cheese powders, also known as dry cheese or dehydrated cheese. A viable alternative to dehydrated cheese is to use concentrated cheese paste, which combines the benefits of natural cheese with dehydrated cheese without all the negative associations.

The key to concentrated cheese paste flavoring and flexibility comes from it being composed of nearly 80 percent block cheese while allowing for the overall reduction of formulation costs, sometimes as much as 20%. This can lead to major cost savings for a manufacturer, especially when considering that concentrated cheese paste offers three to five times the flavor of block cheese.

Concentrated cheese paste also has potential health benefits. Current techniques allow for reductions in fat, sodium, and calories, without sacrificing taste. Plus, unlike block cheese, concentrated cheese paste will maintain a consistent flavor profile throughout its entire shelf life.

For food manufacturers that are trying to perfect flavors while reducing production costs, concentrated cheese is the ideal solution. With endless application and diversity from the ability to formulate its exact properties, concentrated cheese paste includes all the benefits of enzyme modified cheese without the negative public perception. That’s why we crown concentrated cheese paste as the best cheese since cheese.

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