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What Consumers Care About Today

Healthy Living

Consumers are opting for more conscious nutritional alternatives, indulging in products with added functional benefits, and showing willingness to adopt and pay for products and services that support those well-being initiatives, both inside and outside their homes.
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Ethical Purchases

Consumers are increasingly concerned with making choices that are mindful of others, including other people, their communities, animals, nature and the environment. As the moralization of society occurs, a mainstream transparent industry is emerging, enabling consumers to evaluate products based on virtuous attributes in addition to other parameters, including efficacy and value.
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Experiential Dining

As people embrace a more holistic view of wellbeing, they are willing to pay more for access to experiences than ownership of product. Brands are launching traditional flavors with a twist, using emerging flavors to entice consumers to try new experiences.
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Convenience Wins

Snacking is redefining the way consumers use foodservice. Nearly half of consumers are snacking three times each day, and the foodservice snack market represents a $56B opportunity. Snacks accounted for 19 percent of all foodservice occasions in 2016, as the snack market grows at ~7 percent.
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