The busy lifestyles of modern consumers continue to shift eating patterns and blur the line between meals and snacks. And with an increased consumer focus on nutrition, dairy ingredients are uniquely poised to provide functional benefits as well as flavor and consumer health perception to a wide range of snacking products.

Our natural dairy flavor solutions include cheddar, Parmesan, nacho, butter and more. And our award-winning flavor enhancer naturally intensifies the perception of salt and other savory nuances, while heightening dairy flavor and minimizing sodium. And if you're looking for the perfect seasoning blend to top your new snack, we can deliver with something sweet (like strawberries and cream), spicy (Sriracha) or savory (French onion).

Our R&D teams help customers apply an array of dairy powders, seasoning blends and natural dairy-type flavors to their snacking formulations as toppings, coatings and fillings. Additionally, we're able to deliver on clean label certifications including Kosher, Halal, non-GMO and organic.

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