Dairy is a nutritional powerhouse. Containing the nine essential amino acids and high-quality protein, the science-backed benefits of adding dairy to diets is well established. We work with customers around the world to add a nutritional boost to their products, whether they're for infants or the elderly. 

Infant and Toddler Nutrition

In the earliest stages of development, infants have critical nutritional needs, many of which can be fulfilled by high-quality dairy ingredients. DFA Ingredient Solutions offers a range of infant formula and follow-on formula powders and ingredients, all of which meet the strictest quality and safety standards. Our Whey Protein Hydrolysate also addresses lactose sensitivity, is easier to digest and supports the immune system. 

Adult Nutrition

Protein is an essential part of overall health. Both active and sedentary adults look to consume protein to help improve and maintain appearance, lose weight and increase energy. Dairy also supports bone and muscle mass, which becomes increasingly important as adults age. In addition to overall health and wellness for all adults, DFA Ingredient Solutions has expertise in more targeted markets, including pre- and post-workout solutions for brands in the sports nutrition space.

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