Dairy products are our bread and butter. When we're not manufacturing end-use products, we're developing ingredients that help you make your product exactly the way your customers are looking for. Generally, our ingredients are used for three general categories: cultured products, ice cream and cheese.

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Cultured Dairy Products

We can provide the exact ingredients needed to deliver the cultured products your consumers are craving, including yogurt, cottage cheese, drinkables and more. Often times, this means making custom creations to suit your exact needs, like a custom cream mixture.

Additionally, our whey protein concentrate is often used as a stabilizer in cultured products.

Ice Cream

As specialty varieties of ice cream — like high-protein or super premium, high-fat varieties — continue to grow in popularity, we help our customers deliver. We offer various milk protein fat contents for low-temperature uses to fit exactly what consumers are looking for, from premium offerings to superior mouthfeel.
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We have generations of experience making cheese, and we're excited to share our knowledge with you. And as all good cheesemakers know, you must start with the best ingredients. Our versatile, high-quality Milk Protein Concentrate is used to make many cheese varieties, including perfectly tangy feta.

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