Our Mission

Larry, Alfred and Garry Million / Triple M Dairy / Tahlequah, Okla.

Deliver Value to Our Family Farm-Owners as a Global Dairy Cooperative.

Our members, the family farmers who own DFA, are all united in their shared passion for dairy, and at the same time, all have different needs.

We must continue to deliver value to all our members, understanding this takes many shapes across our diverse membership. We will continue to maximize net returns at the farm by securing and enhancing milk markets and milk marketing relationships, by investing in commercial businesses that add value to members’ milk and by providing services and programs that create real economic value for
our members.

Our mission commits us to remain a member-focused cooperative as we continue growing our farm-to-consumer global food business and recognizes that leadership and business performance will require the best people and best business partners. This commitment will help DFA as it evolves to become a leading global dairy cooperative.