Statement: Tulare Mayor Comments about Agriculture

June 4, 2018

“Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is a national cooperative owned by family farmers with more than 250 farmer members throughout California, including Tulare, Calif. We are guided by our values of integrity, accountability, community, innovation, quality and passion.

DFA was disappointed by recent comments made by Tulare Mayor Carlton Jones on social media. The California agriculture industry has a history of increasing efficiency and environmental sustainability, while overcoming challenges in order to produce safe and wholesome food products. This history is a testament to the integrity, innovation and passion of those whose jobs depend on agriculture. DFA is proud to be a part of this history and proud of the positive impacts our member dairies have on their communities.

Our farmer members have a strong track record of environmental stewardship and are committed to producing safe, quality and wholesome dairy products through sustainable practices. Additionally, DFA is committed to maintaining a leadership role in local organizations such as Dairy Cares and the California Dairy Environmental Justice Fund. DFA representatives serve on the boards of these organizations, which encourage and promote environmental research for the industry and help ensure the long-term sustainability of dairy farming in California.

DFA encourages Tulare Mayor Carlton Jones to visit with agricultural producers to learn more about the challenges that exist to operate an agricultural operation in California, the multitude of efforts currently being made to improve sustainability, and the hard work that has gone into building and growing an industry that is vital to Tulare.”

Gary Stueve
Chief Operating Officer, DFA Western Area