Statement: NMPF Decision Signals Progress in Dairy Policy Reform Efforts

March 11, 2011

“The Board and management of Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA) are encouraged by the important step National Milk Producers Federation’s (NMPF) board of directors took this week in furthering dairy policy reform.

“While there is an overwhelming desire to bring about change in the industry, building consensus to propel the effort has been no small task. NMPF’s continued work at developing its Foundation for the Future program is to be commended.

“NMPF’s proposed change to the Federal Milk Marketing Order system eliminates some of the most contentious elements of the current structure. This can only serve to build additional unity among producers and bring about a higher level of consensus within the industry that will be critical for gaining legislative support for dairy policy changes.

“DFA’s Board and management continue to support the Foundation for the Future policy proposal and will work to ensure its passage, as we believe it provides producers the tools they need to remain competitive and thrive in the global dairy market.”

John Wilson
Senior Vice President and Chief Fluid Marketing Office