Plugrá Gourmet Club Features Chef Amy Eubanks

July 22, 2013

Keeping food simple and delicious is the focus of the latest feature of the Plugrá Gourmet Club. Partnering with BLT Fish in New York City, Plugrá® European-Style Butter showcases Chef Amy Eubanks’ love for food. This segment highlights Plugrá Butter in every course adding full recipes, tips from the chef and a variety of insights to help plan a full dinner party around the fresh, seasonal style of BLT Fish cuisine.

In partnership with Saveur Magazine, Plugrá European-Style Butter enlisted Plugrá-loving chefs from around the country to bring their signature styles and recipes to culinary enthusiasts.

The Coastal Fare menu created by Chef Eubanks for the Plugrá Gourmet Club lets each ingredient speak for itself. “We’re celebrating summer with this menu,” Chef Eubanks said. “I love going to the farmers market and building my menu around what’s fresh.”

Every other month, Plugrá features a new chef and cuisine, providing the tools needed for food enthusiasts to join together, gain knowledge and celebrate their passion for food. Home chefs can learn how Plugrá Butter’s lower moisture content and creamier texture lead to flakier pastries, creamy sauces, rich risottos and extraordinary flavored butters and sautés.

The Plugrá Gourmet Club is available through the Facebook app on the Plugrá Facebook page, as well as The app offers additional tools to help plan your next Gourmet Club dinner party, from invitation design to dish assignments. 

With each feature, a Club of the Month is recognized based on entries. The winning group is selected by Saveur editorsand awarded $500 toward its next dinner party. 

About Plugrá® European-Style Butter

Plugrá Butter is marketed by the Consumer Brands division of Dairy Farmers of America.Plugrá is the official butter of the Saveur magazine editorial Test Kitchen and The French Pastry School in Chicago. For more information on Plugrá, visit or For more about BLT Fish, visit