DFA Member Named Chairman of Farmer’s Health Cooperative of Wisconsin

April 27, 2007

Kansas City, Mo. - Jeff Bennesch, a Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA) member from Colfax, Wisconsin, was recently elected chairman of the board for the Farmers’ Health Cooperative of Wisconsin (FHCW).

FHCW is an innovative new health cooperative in Wisconsin that provides affordable, quality health insurance for farmers and agribusiness. It addresses the needs and wants of the agriculture community at affordable prices.

“Dairy farmers in Wisconsin have not had this combination of quality insurance and affordable pricing in the past,” Bennesch says. “I am pleased to serve in this board and to work to continue to improve the situation in all areas for all farmers in Wisconsin.”

The effort was led by the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives in cooperation with DFA, Agri-Services Agency (ASA), and Aetna. ASA, with its experience in providing insurance products to farmers and agribusiness, worked with Aetna to bring an array of health insurance products and services to the table. U.S. Senator Herb Kohl and U.S. Representative David Obey led the effort at the federal level while Governor Jim Doyle, Senators Sheila Harsdorf and Jon Erpenbach, and Representative Curt Gielow led the effort at the state level.

Like DFA and other cooperatives, FHCW will be owned and governed by its farmer and agri-business members, which means they will be directly involved in the financial and benefit decisions made by the cooperative. “We are proud to have Jeff named as chairman of the board. His leadership and insight will bring a farmer’s perspective to the board, which is critically important in this venture,” says Randy McGinnis, chief executive officer of DFA’s Central Area Council. “His commitment to the board embodies DFA’s commitment to its Wisconsin members to provide an alternative in health care.

“I am honored to be elected chairman of the board,” Bennesch says. “I look forward to being part of this cooperative effort to bring affordable health care to Wisconsin’s farm communities.”

Farmers are encouraged to learn more about the opportunities available to them by attending an informational Town Hall meeting. Dates and locations can be obtained by calling 1-800-539-9370 or by visiting www.farmershealthcooperative.com.