Dairy Farmers Of America Announces New Farm Services Division

August 26, 2008

Kansas City, Mo. - In an effort to bring greater value to its members, Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA) announces the formation of a new Farm Services Division.

Although the cooperative currently offers value-added programs to its members, the formalization of the Farm Services Division consolidates the oversight of several member services, including risk management, health insurance, financial services and bulk buying programs.

The Farm Services Division will be led by Greg Wickham, who will serve as president of the division. Wickham currently serves as chief executive officer of DFA-member cooperative Dairylea and oversees Dairylea’s extensive agricultural services businesses, including several that are currently in partnership with DFA.

“Under Greg’s leadership of the Farm Services Division, we expect further collaborations between Dairylea and DFA in the farm services area that will benefit members of both cooperatives,” said Rick Smith, president and chief executive officer of DFA.

Wickham will take on this responsibility in addition to his current role as chief executive officer of Dairylea and chief operating officer of DFA’s Northeast Area. Wickham brings extensive experience in the farm services area to his position, as he’s successfully managed the Northeast Area’s farm services team for the past 10 years. Wickham was key to the formation of partnerships between DFA and Agri-Max Financial Services and Agri-Services health insurance.

“With the ever increasing costs producers face, it is imperative that we look for ways to help them increase profits and decrease costs,” said Wickham.

DFA’s ability to offer useful, efficient and cost affordable services to its members is crucial to its mission of bringing value to members. Currently, the cooperative offers risk management services, which allow producers to participate in a number of programs designed to hedge against price volatility risk. DFA also partners with Agri-Services to offer affordable health, dental/vision and life insurance. Agri-Max Financial Services, of which DFA is half owner, allows members to access complete dairy loan packages for cattle, equipment and operating expenses. Members also may buy farm supplies in bulk through DFA, saving them money and time.

The new Farm Services Division not only will result in more efficient and reliable service to members, it will also provide the opportunity to grow.