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Steve, Paul, Bernadien and Yvonne Byl / Dutch Cowboy / Paragonah, Utah

More Cooperative

We all operate at the center of a global marketplace — where the business climate changes faster than the weather.

To thrive here, you have to be smart, responsive, forward-thinking and reliable. And you want the same things from your partners.

That’s why we give our more than 13,000 members more than just a milk check. It’s why we provide services that meet the needs of their businesses, their families and their future. It’s why we offer expertise and resources for what they need today and whatever tomorrow brings their way.

It's why we are making investments in new products, new facilities and new ways for families around the world to enjoy what our member-owners produce. Our products include brands such as Borden® Cheese, Cache Valley® Cheese, Keller’s® Creamery Butter, Plugrá® Butter, Breakstone’s® Butter, Kemps®, Guida’s Dairy and Oakhurst® that connect family farms to family tables.

It’s why we work with our customers and partners to provide safe, quality products manufactured in an ethical, sustainable manner. It’s why we are helping move the industry forward through collaboration, innovation and drive.

More opportunities, more value and more ways from farm to table — connecting you with all of this is the reason our more than 5,000 employees work hard every day to prove what we mean when we say: More Cooperative.