Code of Conduct

Ona Coker, Donna Yarbrough, Jocelyn Dunaway

At Dairy Farmers of America, we live every day guided by our values of integrity, accountability, community, innovation, quality and passion. DFA is committed to conducting business fairly and honestly. DFA’s Value Integrity Code of Conduct is a guide to assist each of us in understanding our responsibilities in making a positive contribution to the success of DFA as we navigate our way through the many different and complex situations we encounter.

The Code is a summary of some of DFA’s Value Integrity policies and is not intended to be exhaustive. It will help you recognize potential ethical or legal issues, direct you to the appropriate resources to obtain more information, and understand your responsibility to report known or suspected violations of DFA’s Value Integrity policies.

The basic principles of the Code include:

  1. Recognizing that the responsibility to act with integrity applies to: Everyone. Every day. Every way.
  2. Abiding by, and promoting compliance with, the law and exemplifying the highest ethical standards in our conduct.
  3. Fostering a culture of compliance by:
    • Communicating written compliance policies and procedures
    • Providing effective training and education on each compliance policy and procedure
    • Promptly responding to and addressing concerns
    • Prohibiting retaliation against employees who raise concerns

You can view a complete version of DFA’s Code of Conduct by clicking here.